Naf Hoof Oil

A good quality oil to give the hoof a naturally polished look and enhances the natural appearance of the hoof.

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Naf PROFEET Hoof Moist Black

An entirely natural product with a dual action, Hoof Moist helps improves hoof condition. The smooth gel can be...

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Naf PROFEET Rock Hard

A premium hoof hardener developed to protect brittle hooves, strengthen soft soles and disinfect frogs prone to...

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Naf Biotin Plus

Biotin Plus contains methionine, MSM, zinc and calcium to maintain healthy hooves. Research tells us that...

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HoofPak – 2kg

Nutritionally supporting hoof growth & integrity HoofPak provides nutrients to support and nourish the hoof....

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Provides the nutrient support that horses need to build strong hooves. A healthy hoof and a glossy coat can be...

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