Tempest Zebra Fly Combo Fly Rug

Following the success of the Shires Zebra Fly Mask, this mesh fly rug takes inspiration from nature and together...

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Tempest Sweet-Itch Combo Fly Rug

The Sweet-Itch Combo provides a highly effective barrier from fly irritation to help prevent sweet-itch. The...

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Tempest Original Fly Combo

This mesh fly rug does a great job of keeping the horse cool and comfortable whilst providing an effective barrier...

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Highlander Plus Maxi Flow Fly Rug Combo

The Shires Highlander Plus Maxi Flow Fly Rug Combo. Want the benefits of a flysheet with the convenience of a...

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Shires Zebra Fly Mask

Taking inspiration from nature together with proven design technology, this fly mask aspires to be the most...

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Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ear Holes & Nose

Ideal for horses that like their ears free but are particularly bothered by small flies and midges, this fine mesh...

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