Wolseley Skylark Trimmer

This quiet, versatile trimmer is more powerful than the Hummingbird, the Skylark is an ideal all-round trimmer...

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Wolseley Hummingbird Trimmers

The Wolseley Hummingbird Trimmer are rechargeable and have a mini body with an ergonomic soft feel handle The...

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Hydrophane Cribox Liquid

Hydrophane Cribox Liquid A clear liquid for application to wooden doors, rugs and bandages to deter chewing and...

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Hydrophane Cribox 450g

Deters horses from chewing wood and ripping rugs

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Horseware Nutrilick Fragrant Mint

FLAVOUR: Nutrilick Fragrant Mint Bringing a new innovation to Horseware®, our range of low sugar, highly...

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Plastic Muzzle

This plastic muzzle can be useful in controlling anti-social behaviour such as crib biting, wood chewing etc. and...

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