Wolseley Skylark Trimmer

This quiet, versatile trimmer is more powerful than the Hummingbird, the Skylark is an ideal all-round trimmer...

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Wolseley Hummingbird Trimmers

The Wolseley Hummingbird Trimmer are rechargeable and have a mini body with an ergonomic soft feel handle The...

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Wolseley Blades

A2    2-3mm General clipping work The A2E is made from a Japanese steel rather than a German steel, it still...

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Wolseley Swift Clippers

The Swift is a 220/240V, 90 watt clipper The head is moulded from reinforced nylon, which makes it one of the...

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Liveryman A2 M Clipper Blades Set

Leaving a coat length of 3mm. Teeth: upper blade (cutter) 24, lower blade (comb) 35.

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