Horseware Nutrilick Fragrant Mint

Horseware Nutrilick Fragrant Mint

Product Information

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FLAVOUR: Nutrilick Fragrant Mint

Bringing a new innovation to Horseware®, our range of low sugar, highly Nutritious and palatable horse licks offer a healthy alternative to other high sugar horse licks and treats.

Contains spearmint to help keep respiratory tracts clear and optimum levels of vitamin, mineral and trace elements

Low Sugar: All natural ingredients containing 60% less sugar than regular licks.
Balanced Vitamin & Mineral Specification: Contains optimum levels of balanced premium minerals, vitamins and protected trace elements in a highly palatable form.
Healthy Hoof Formula: Helps to contribute to ‘healthy hooves’ as Nutrilicks offer multiple forms of zinc, and easily absorbed forms of sulphur and biotin. Also includes methionine.
Anti-oxidants: Contains high levels of all natural anti-oxidants including magnesium, vitamins A, E and selenium.
The Horseware® Nutrilick 650g comes in a convenient hand held tub that can also be easily tipped out into a bucket.

Recommended daily Allowance:
200g per day for an adult horse.
150g per day for a pony.