Why we use Paypal

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Provide a better experience for our customers

PayPal is always free for your customers to make a purchase. They don’t even  need a PayPal account and can pay you in up to 24 currencies. And with  our built-in mobile checkout, your smart phone customers will be happy,  too.

Protect our business from fraud

If there’s one thing people know about PayPal, it’s how seriously we take security. Behind the scenes, we’re hard at work protecting your  business. Automatic fraud screening and our Seller Protection Policy  help keep you and your customers safe. And since PayPal is  PCI-compliant, your task of meeting these standards is much simpler.
In addition to the look and functionality of the shopping cart, our biggest concern is the customers purchase security and if our business complies with the PCI-DSS rules for processing customer credit  card information. PCI-DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, which is enforced to safeguard a customer’s payment  information, and is required by any firm that stores, transmits, or  otherwise processes any type of payment card information. The standard  version is compliant with the PCI standards since all payment  information is entered directly into PayPal’s secure payment system. Our company already has a relationship with a bank or isn’t looking  to change merchant accounts, PayPal offers its PayFlow Link option. When using PayFlow, after PayPal as the gateway solution processes the card  information, it is then transmitted to our merchant (non-PayPal)  account. By using PayPal for business in this way, we can avoid having  to handle and storing our customer’s credit card information, while  keeping our existing banking and merchants’ accounts in place.